• Do away with remote control clutter and trying to remember what remote works with which device
  • Simplify your system so the whole family can enjoy it without headaches or frustrations
  • Operate equipment that hides in cabinets, closets, or other rooms without having to worry about “line of sight” for your control

  • Step it up with whole home automation where you can control all your TVs, music, lights, shades, thermostats, etc from one simple-to-use interface
  • Keep the same, intuitive user interface throughout your house on every remote control, touchscreen, tablet, and smartphone so everything is simple to use
  • Smart Home: Control everything in your house remotely with your smartphone; adjust thermostats or lights, or even setup the TV for the babysitter

  • Use timers that can you can program to control different aspects of the house; such as to lower the shades or even have all the TVs shut off at a certain time. You can implement all these things to add to the energy efficiency of your home as well

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If you are looking to get the best home theater viewing experience, surround sound system, or a flatscreen TV mounted to your wall, Lehigh Valley Sight and Sound can accommodate any project of any size.

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